Michael Stanley

Three Biological Reasons Why You Need To Keep Your Hearing Aids Clean

Most people who get hearing aids are taught how to clean them. If you do not clean them, they will not function well enough for you to hear correctly. But there are also several biological reasons for keeping your hearing aids clean.  Eardrum Damage Imagine shoving dirty hearing aids in your ears every morning with a hard crust of ear wax. Your ears would continue to produce more ear wax in an attempt to "

Could Your Child Be Developing An Allergy? Important Information For Parents

Coughs, colds, sniffles, rashes, and many other seemingly minor health issues are often thought to be part of a normal childhood. But what if it these symptoms were actually signs that your child was developing an allergic reaction to something in their environment? If your child seems to be experiencing too many instances of minor illness, ruling out possible allergies may be the best course of action for you to explore — and these tips are sure to help.

Tips For A Comfortable Recovery After Your Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty Sleep Apnea Surgery

If you are tired of the added costs and hassle of using a CPAP machine for your sleep apnea, then having sleep apnea surgery is a great option. The medical name for this surgical procedure is a uvulopalatopharyngoplasty. Thankfully, this is a fairly common procedure known for producing excellent results, and the recovery is similar to having your tonsils removed. To have a comfortable recovery after your uvulopalatopharyngoplasty surgery, follow these tips: