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Three Biological Reasons Why You Need To Keep Your Hearing Aids Clean

Most people who get hearing aids are taught how to clean them. If you do not clean them, they will not function well enough for you to hear correctly. But there are also several biological reasons for keeping your hearing aids clean. 

Eardrum Damage

Imagine shoving dirty hearing aids in your ears every morning with a hard crust of ear wax. Your ears would continue to produce more ear wax in an attempt to "push out" or "flood" the ear canal with fresh wax to remove the irritating wax crust on your hearing aids. When this attempt is unsuccessful, the wax would keep building until it applies pressure on your eardrums, and then you would have eardrum damage. Eardrum damage is painful and can lead to infections.

Eardrum Infections

Adults do not typically get ear infections because the Eustachian tubes are angled downward toward the back of your throat. Through gravity, your ears empty themselves of fluid and bacteria that would otherwise grow into an infection.

When your hearing aids remain uncleaned, they create more bacteria and eventually cause damage to the eardrums. Then, all of that bacteria moves beyond the eardrums into the inner ear, creating massive infections that only an ENT specialist (ear, nose, and throat doctor) can effectively treat and cure. Even if you have an exceptionally high tolerance for pain or if your ears do not get an infection, the next step is an infection in your throat.

Throat Infection (Possibly Strep)

A build-up of bacteria in your nose or ears can lead to the cavities in your head creating more secretions to remove the bacteria. More secretions are meant to help push the bacteria into your throat so that it travels down to your stomach where the stomach acid will destroy it. Dirty hearing aids create quite a bit of extra bacteria, and in the warm, dark spaces of your ear canals, the bacteria have a place to grow.

When it is finally pushed down the back of your throat, some of it can get stuck along the way and develop into a throat infection. This will make you susceptible to all kinds of throat infections, including strep. All of this could have been prevented by just cleaning your hearing aids nightly.

Do Not Want to Be Sick or Hurting? Clean the Hearing Aids

It is important to properly clean your hearing aids, and to do so nightly. Cleaning your hearing aids keeps your ears and throat healthy, all while helping you hear better. For more information, talk to companies like Mark Montgomery MD FACS.