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Tips For A Comfortable Recovery After Your Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty Sleep Apnea Surgery

If you are tired of the added costs and hassle of using a CPAP machine for your sleep apnea, then having sleep apnea surgery is a great option. The medical name for this surgical procedure is a uvulopalatopharyngoplasty. Thankfully, this is a fairly common procedure known for producing excellent results, and the recovery is similar to having your tonsils removed.

To have a comfortable recovery after your uvulopalatopharyngoplasty surgery, follow these tips: 

Tip: Stop Smoking Before Your Surgical Date

Since smoking cigarettes restricts the flow of blood to the small blood vessels located in your throat, it's important you stop smoking as far ahead of possible before your surgical date. If you are struggling to stop, then talk with your ENT surgeon or family doctor, because they have access to prescriptions medications that can help you be more successful.

Tip: Gargle with Salt Water for Pain Relief

Since prescription pain medications can be addictive and can worsen your sleep apnea while your throat is swollen and still healing, gargling with salt water is a wonderful option. People have been using common table salt for mouth and throat pain for millennia because it is safe and effective and helps prevent infections. As an added bonus, gargling with salt water will also help if you have bad breath post-surgery while your throat tissues are healing.

Tip: Stock Up on Soft Foods

You can expect not to be too hungry for the first day or two following your surgery. However, after the first couple of days, you will find you are ravished. It's important to stock up on foods that are throat-friendly and require little preparation. Some excellent examples include:

  • applesauce
  • yogurt
  • cottage cheese
  • ice cream
  • pudding
  • cold soups
  • mashed potatoes

In addition, you can also eat hot soups, but you need to make sure they are not heated too hot or they could burn your throat or cause pain when eating them.

Tip: Plan to Be Lazy for a Week or Two Post-Surgery

Finally, even though you may have a lot to do and taking a couple weeks off of work and home life after surgery may seem indulgent, you absolutely must rest after your uvulopalatopharyngoplasty surgery. Your body needs time to physically heal, and time is one thing that is necessary for it to happen. To avoid boredom and the risk of starting back at work or working around your home too soon, stock up on some books by your favorite author, line up some good shows to binge on Netflix, and plan to be lazy to properly heal your body.